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Meet the Artist Behind Cosmic Chi:

Christine Iversen

I am a lifelong, multi-medium creator of visual art.

My work is an exploration of the essential energy underlying all of creation, with an emphasis on sacred geometry, shapes, and patterns of the natural world.

I believe that creativity is our divine consciousness at play, exploring itself within the earthly dimension. To create is an act of Self-love and healing. It is my greatest source of joy.


Where I Came From

I was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago.


My earliest drawings were of horses (which I then spelled "hourses") because I was obsessed with them but could not have one. My mother said one would never fit in our backyard.

She was right. 

Around the age of 8, my Aunt Diane told me I had great talent and bought me an art desk for my bedroom. She planted a seed that grew and blossomed into somewhat of a jungle.

For years I pencil sketched people (most notably the 1996 women's Olympic gymnastics team, musical artists, and kids I went to school with) from photographs. 

In college, while studying journalism, I created wild and bizarre scenes in MS Paint that I sometimes turned into hand-cut puzzles.

I also made dozens if not hundreds of pieces with crayons.

I bought my first set of oil paints around that time.

But I really dug those crayons. 

Where I Am

From there I went everywhere. 

Not really everywhere, but a great many places. I lived in Kenya and Thailand and traveled to more than 40 countries during a decade of my life that was so expansive I nearly burst. 

In that great expanse,

my creativity continued to deepen and evolve.

One day, in my apartment in Thailand, I drew a mandala with a blue crayon. I'm not sure why I drew it, but it resonated so deeply with me that it catapulted my art somewhere into the cosmos.

And that's where I am now. 

Well, in the cosmos, and also in New Mexico. 

Living in the southwest and exploring the mountains and deserts in this Land of Enchantment is having a huge influence on my work as well as my spiritual journey.

IMG_20190204_092102_120 (1).jpg
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Where I'm Going

My intention is to move toward the center that is my truest and highest self - the space from which all of creation arises. 

This means:

moving out of a space of ego, doubt, desire, and judgment


moving into a space of intuition, openness, receptivity, and flow.

Won't you be a part of this journey with me?

Connect with me to:

Say hello ~ order some artwork ~ tell me how you're doing


Thanks for being here!

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