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About Cosmic Chi Creations

I'm Christine, the creative behind Cosmic Chi. 

I was donned with the nickname "Chi" a few years ago, and it stuck. It's pronounced like "Qi"— which is the word for vital life force in Chinese medicine and philosophy.


To me, it's synonymous with the energetic consciousness that flows through me when I'm creating. 

I've probably been an artist since birth, but it's only in recent years that I've begun accepting it's not just a thing I like to do, but rather an integral aspect of who I am. 

I am an energetic being exploring the human experience through a creative lens. My creativity is consciousness at play. 

Born in Chicago

Living in New Mexico 

Writer. Artist. Mountain lover.

   Meditator. Traveler. Yogi.

Spirit animal: horse

Sign: Virgo

Creations & Services

Commission Artwork

I love creating commission pieces for anyone who has felt inspired by my work and wants something that is uniquely their own. 

I have painted commissioned works on traditional canvas, plexiglass, and glass—and I'm always excited to explore new mediums with those who have a special vision in mind. 

Interested in commissioning a piece but don't know where to start? Send me a message through the contact page or email

Together we can discuss the appropriate size, medium, style, and budget for whatever it is you're dreaming of. 

High-Quality Art Prints

Looking for some artwork but not quite ready to invest in an original? Head to my shop page to check out the pieces I have made available as prints. 

Prints are available in a variety of sizes and mediums, such as archival giclee prints, canvas prints, and metal prints. 


Cosmic Chi Creations


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